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If you’ve tried to lose weight and have failed, it’s really not your fault. You may have already tried many of the pills, potions and faddy machines or gizmos out there that are heavily marketed by the multi billion-dollar diet and fitness industry.

You may have already reached the point where you are thinking you can never have the lean body you crave or deserve.

A Breath of Fresh Air to Fat Loss

What I am hoping to review for you here, is I think, a breath of fresh air to the fitness industry that does away with fad diets and gizmos that stay unused in your garage, and sets you up with a fat loss program that is truly customized to your individual body type.

You see there’s just no point in doing a diet and exercise program that’s designed for “Joe Average” when that’s not you.

So What Is Customized Fat Loss And What Is All The Hype About?

Kyle Leon’s customized fat loss is a system developed over a number years by top nutritionists, extreme body builders and fitness models that is truly customized to individual body types.

It appears to have been originally developed to meet Kyle’s own exacting needs as an athlete body builder and personal trainer.

It’s not just for extreme athletes though!

The system uses information about you including your age, weight and height, metabolism and most importantly your somatotype (body type) as well as your exercise program.

Most other fat loss products assume we fit into two or three different body types – this fat loss program truly puts you into one of six possible body types – none of us are small medium or large, so why would anyone build a fat loss system around such flawed thinking?


Don’t worry if you don’t know your body type as the program explains how to work this out in great detail. It’s not that difficult and clear guidelines are included in the program. It uses a complex computer program to design a unique diet and fat loss program tailored for your unique body type.

The program says there is no guesswork with this as it shows you exactly what you should eat and when and the precise amounts of the different food groups to melt fat away “The Truly Custom Way”

Kyle and his associates who developed this system have placed a great deal of store on recent research that seems to show that as we age our Metabolism changes the way our bodies use certain foods.

 “Our genetics can make us gain weight even if we are eating the same foods and the same amounts we have always been eating.”

This program challenges our genetics and rejuvenates our metabolism to burn fat even as we age.

Kyle refers to this on the site as “Age Defying Nutrition”

It’s this concept working around exact body typing that is the core of this program.


Even the exercises provided as a bonus are customized! Included are High intensity, low intensity and cardio, free weights and machine based strength training.

However Kyle also states that “Keep in mind that any exercise will be beneficial – whether it a walk at night after dinner, or swimming a couple of times a week”

Here’s What Some Real People Are Saying About The Product.

It’s pretty clear on the site, that Kyle uses lots of testimonials from customers who have had great results using his program. I think the most significant one though is from Licensed Physician Dr Hollowell, who has personally endorsed it after her own apparent, fantastic results. She also recommends it to her patients.

Kyle makes a point of doing a Google search for Dr Hollowell in his sales video to prove she’s not some made up name but the real deal. Here’s what she says on the site:-

“This approach is the quickest, safest,healthiest, most natural and most effective approach to fat loss that i have ever reviewed and i support it 100%. I recommend this approach to my patients and i’ve personally used it to shed 14 pounds of fat and ended up with the body I had in high school”

(Testimony from Dr Hollowell, CFL website)

Other testimonials on the site are all positive as you would expect and have before and after photos.

“Dave was always embarrassed about his chest and belly fat until he lost 71 pounds of fat in just under 4 Months and replaced it with lean muscle by applying the simple nutrition tricks you’re about to learn”

(Testimony from CFL website)

“Jackie, whose depression and poor self image are long gone along with 41 pounds of poisonous fat that was toxic to her self confidence”

(Testimony from CFL website)

Doing a search around the net, I haven’t been able to find any negativity except with other websites using gimmicky scammy type sales pitches.

Well It’s All Seems Positive Up Till Now, There Has Got To Be a Downside?

Well maybe?

It’s not made that clear on the site, but I’ve found during my own research and by downloading and using the product myself, that Kyle is sponsored as an athlete and sports model by Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

He does however, make it very clear in the supplement download that he will only recommend products that he has personally used and that he feels actually work.

No Hard Sell!

Although Kyle mentions the products by name – there is plenty of information provided to allow you to make alternative supplement choices should you wish to.

For those outside of the USA, you may not be able to get Blue Star products anyway.

There are parts of the product that you can download as pdf files which is great, however the main part of the program requires Internet access and site login to the program for it to work.

The program provides all the nutrition advice and fitness workouts but its not a quick fix pill.

It will require some commitment to input the simple data into the program and for you to do the workouts and stick to a pretty comprehensive diet plan.

You don’t however have to give up all your favorites but you will have to make choices about what you do and don’t eat. The system indicates a multitude of food choices.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

 The customized fat loss system is available through a few sites on the net, but they all lead directly to Kyle Leon’s site which has a very informative video on the main page.

He’s pretty slick on the video, It’s professionally made but you can tell he actually walks the walk as well as passionately talks the talk!

He is definitely a product of the product.

The main product is currently priced at a very reasonable $47 which gets you full access to the Customized Fat Loss program as well as some of Kyle’s valuable bonuses as well.

It fits pretty well price wise with other diet or weight loss products, however there isn’t anyone anywhere that offers anything like a customized program.

(Unless you want to get an upmarket personal trainer and a professionally qualified nutritionist of your own yourself to sit down with you and work out a custom plan for you at $5 k a pop.)

There are a number of upsells that are available should you wish to consider these and they will be presented to you during the payment process.

It’s pretty easy to decline these as you go though if you wish and move on though. You won’t be pressured into buying something you don’t want.

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or coupons available at the moment for this product but if you follow through Kyle’s video you will see what great value the product is at an already heavily discounted price.

A Quick Word of Warning!

Don’t be conned by dodgy websites offering it at a cheaper price as you won’t get access to the main product and the bonuses offered may be unauthorized bootlegs or rip offs of the real deal.

Kyle says he has no hesitation in offering a full money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Customized Fat Loss. You can just send him an email and you’ll get a refund straight away – no questions asked.

My Verdict – Does This Really Work?

 I’ve done quite a bit of research around the net on this product and have bought it myself for my own fitness and gut busting reasons. I’m one of those that doesn’t fit into the Mr. Average box – neither do you!!

I think Kyle Leon has the utmost credibility as an athlete himself and as a personal trainer and certified nutrition expert.

His motives seem to be to get people as healthy as they can, without being ripped off by the plethora of fitness gurus and fad products continually hitting the market these days.

He’s not a previously fat celeb endorsing a “magic pill” or something he has never used.

There are a few sites out there reviewing or promoting Customized Fat Loss, that use words like scam in an effort to promote their own site. There is just no indication of this anywhere!

I think Customized Fat Loss is pretty good value and appears to be well endorsed by credible users, athletes and health professionals alike.

It uses sound nutrition principles for those willing to do a little work to get the physique and health benefits they desire.

I’d like to thank you for reading this review.



Click Here To Buy Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss Program From His Safe Official Website



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If you’ve come to this page you may have been trying to find a customizable fat loss program to fit with your own personal needs rather than a generic “one fits all” fad diet promoted by a celebrity,

The shopping channel on TV is full of these – the latest celebrity body raking in some dollars, promoting a product they have never used, or having any idea what the product really is.

You may even have been sucked in by this multi billion dollar industry cranking out the next big thing or gizmo ab ripper whatever.

This review sets out to give you the information you need to be able to make an informed choice whether this system is for you and if so what you might want to know before you buy. [click to continue…]

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